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Studio killers are an electropop band in Movietown. They are voiced by: Cherry- Tabitha St. Germain; Goldie Foxx- Phil Lamarr; Dyna Mink- Vincent Tong.

the members: Cherry (left)l Goldie Foxx (middle); Dyna Mink (right)


- Cherry (vocalist)

- Goldie Foxx (keyboardist)

- Dyna Mink (DJ)

About the characters[]

Characteristics:Chubby Cherry- plump, curvy, turquoise hair, green eyes, white camisole, black boots, black hat, beautiful, calm, indiferent, sassy, seductive; Goldie Foxx- tall, slender, beige outfit, orange fur, handsome, calm, mischevous, cool-minded; Dyna Mink- Tall, slender, turquoise fur, white outfit, handsome, cute, easily-annoyed, calm, level-headed, serious

created in: 2011

Species: Cherry- Human; Goldie Foxx- Red fox; Dyna Mink- European mink

Nationalities: British/Finnish/Dutch

Religion: Christians

Professions: Musicians

Race: Computer-animated

Genre of music: Electropop


  • Dyna Mink's name is a parody of the word "dynamite".
  • Goldie Foxx's name is (probably) a parody of Goldie Locks.

Known songs[]

- Ode to the bouncer

- Eros and Apollo

- Jenny