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Taffy, Honey, DJ and Rookie Roberts are minor characters.

Taffy (left), Honey (right next to Taffy), DJ (next to Honey) and Rookie (right)

They are four dog sisters who are the pets of the Roberts sisters.


characteristics: Taffy: beige fur, brown eyes, cute, clumsy, easily-scared, timid, shy, loyal; DJ- brown fur, brown eyes, loud, loves music, playful; Honey- beige fur, brown eyes, cute, loyal, playful, sweet, gentle; Rookie- brown fur, brown eyes, adventurous, loud, playful

animated age: less than an year

real age: 3 real years

species: dogs

breed: Golden retrievers

nationalities: Americans

religions: Christians

race: computer-animated

family: the Roberts sisters (owners)

subrace: positive characters

come from: the Barbie movies