Tai Lung is an antagonist. He is voiced by Ian McShane.

Tai Lung is a member of a trio of kung fu warriors, consisted of himself, Shen and Kai.

Along his teammates, he is the main antagonist in Kung fu animals.

About the character Edit

Characteristics: grey fur with yellow spots, muscular, gold eyes, purple pants, handsome, evil, aggressive, manly, vengeful, unforgiving, proud, stubborn

Animated age: 20+ years

created in: 2008

Species: Snow leopard

comes from: Kung fu panda

race: computer animated

subrace: negative character

nationality: American

religion: Christian

occupation: soldier

Fun facts:

  • His name means "great dragon" in Chinese.
  • Among his allies, Shen and Kai, Tai Lung is the oldest in real years, but youngest in animated years, and the second strongest after Kai.
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