The Dazzlings are major antagonists and a musical group in Antagonistan.

The dazzlings by mixiepie-d8794hf
They are a trio of sirens who have the power to enchant animated characters with their beautiful singing and cause conflicts among them. Their pendants turn the caused emotions into negative energy which they absorb, in order for the Dazzlings to keep their voices stronger. NOS-4-A2 is their manager.

Members Edit

- Adagio Dazzle

- Aria Blaze

- Sonata Dusk

About Edit

Theme song: Applause


  • Most of the time they appear as minor characters in the show, but they are the main antagonists, as well as NOS-4-A2, in the episode Pitch imperfect.
  • In Pitch imperfect was also revealed the reason for NOS-4-A2 and the Dazzlings' cooperation- the Dazzlings have promised to help NOS-4-A2 in finding machines which he can steal energy from, and NOS-4-A2 have promised to find places where they can sing and absorb negative energy.
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