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The First kingdom is the oldest among the kingdoms of fictional characters (hence the name). It is the kingdom, populated by all book and comic characters in the world.


- the Snow queen


Not much is known about the kingdom's history, besides being founded long before both Gamezonia and the Cartoon kingdom. It is presumed that it has existed ever since the XIX century (or even before that).


Similarly to the other two kingdoms, the First kingdom is also separated by towns, with Bibletown being its capital. Another similarity is that each of the towns have neighborhoods themed after a specific culture as a tribute to the immigrants, living in the kingdom, namely Japanese culture, French culture, etc.


The First kingdom's hirarchy system is much more simplistic, compared to that of the Cartoon kingdom. Instead of being ruled by multiple rulers, it is ruled only by a single queen. Each of the town are ruled by majordomos, whose roles is similar to that of a mayor. The queen herself does not appear to have any assistants, but her majordomos each have an assistant of their own. Majordomos in the First kingdom are highly respected and are among the superior citizens of th ekingdoms, second only to the queen. While the queen has power on the entire kingdom, the majordomos have power only on the towns they manage respectively.


The exact number of the kingdom's citizens is unknown. The citizens are separated by two races- comic and book characters. The two subraces are negative and positive characters, however, unlike the other two kingdoms, the First kingdom appears to be more tolerant of the antagonists, living in its territory. There are psychology programmes, working with reforming its participants, via therapies, conversations, conferences and shorter incarcerations. There are some milder cases of antagonists, who have never been incarcerated and have been given jobs without any complications.


- Besides being the oldest among the three kingdoms, the First kingdom is also the biggest and most populated.

- Unlike the Cartoon kingdom, incarcerations in the First kingdom are shorter and have paroles.

- The First kingdom is more merciful towards its antagonists. Antagonists are even allowed to vote and live freely among positive characters.