The Gangreen gang, also known as the Gangreens for short, are minor antagonists, whose roles usually involve bullying Varian. Ace, Grubber and Big Billy are voiced by Jeff Bennet and Snake and Lil' Arturo are voiced by Tom Kenny.

The Gangreen gang


characteristics: Ace- tall, slender, green skin, red eyes, black hair, fangs, handsome, cruel, mean, rude, selfish, lazy, bad-mannered, violent, dishonest, cowardly; Snake- tall, slender, black hair, pink eyes, green skin, black lips, long nose, handsome, mean, rude, violent, foolish, insecure, childish, snake-like mannerisms; Lil' Arturo-short, slender, green skin, black eyes, black hair, has an overbite, mean, violent, cruel, stoic, vain; Grubber- short, black hair, black eyes, grotesque, prefers not to speak, mean, silent, sneaky, unpredictable; Big Billy- tall, fat, red hair, blue eye, green skin, stupid, naïve, childish, reckless, violent

animated ages: teenagers

real ages: 21 real years

species: Big Billy-cyclops; Snake, Grubber, Ace, Lil' Arturo- unspecified, but presumbed to be humans

come from: The Powerpuff girls

nationality: Americans

religion: Satanists

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative characters

occupation: janitors in the restaurant

real names: Snake- Sanford D. Ingleberry; Lil' Arturo- Arturo de la Guerra; Big Billy- William W. Williams


  • Their name is a play on the word "gangrene". It is not confirmed if they actually have gangrene.
  • Ace has the habit of hitting Snake.
  • Snake's real name is a play on the word "dingleberry".
  • Lil' Arturo's last name de la Guerra means "of the war" in Spanish. His full name might be a reference to "Art of the war".
  • Lil' Arturo speaks in a Mexican accent.
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