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The Iron giant is a secondary character. He is voiced by Vin Diesel.

Iron giant.jpg


Characteristics: tall, white eyes, grey body, kind, friendly, polite, innocent, gentle, compassionate, high sense of morality, selfless, generous, curious

Real age: 19 real years

Species: robot

comes from: The Iron giant

race: traditionally animated

subrace: positive character

nationality: American

religion: Christian

occupation: operates as a recycling system in the junkyard

relations: Blue diamond (girlfriend)


  • Blue diamond: He first met her in the episode The brave robot will take the diamond. After seeing her for the first time, enamored with her beauty, he quickly falls in love with her. He makes numerous successful attempts to get her attention and eventually, she falls in love with him as well. Unfortunately for them, their relationship is considered to be forbidden which forces them to separate. Though, they have promised to each other, that one day they will be together.


  • He eats only metal.
  • Unlike most robots, he does not have a problem with being in water or with getting wet.
  • Despite actually being capable of speaking, he rarely does it, due to his poor vocabulary.
  • After he met Blue diamond, he considered the option of studying sign language, in order to express himself better.
  • He usually can be seen in the background. His first major role was in the episode The brave robot will take the diamond.