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The Justice lords are minor antagonists. Superman is voiced by George Newbern, Wonder woman by Susan Eisenberg, Green lantern by Phil LaMarr, Hawkgirl by Maria Canals, Martian manhunter by Carl Lumbly and Batman by Kevin Conroy.

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They are among the negative characters who have rebelled against the Horned king. They appear as major antagonists, alongside Claude Frollo, Gaea Everfree, Light Yagami and Misa Amane, in the episode CSI: Cartoon kingdom.


characteristics: Superman- tall, slender, muscular, broad-shouldred, black hair, black eyes, handsome, cruel, selfish, ruthless, headstrong; Batman- tall, slender, muscular, broad-shouldered, black hair, black eyes, intelligent, sarcastic, rational, compassionate, serious; Hawkgirl- tall, slender, ginger hair, black eyes, curvy, beautiful, aggressive, tough, stubborn, proud; Green lantern- tall, slender, green eyes, bald, dark skin, handsome, serious, snarky, loyal; Wonder woman- tall, slender, black hair, blue eyes, curvy, beautiful, aggressive, violent, tough, stubborn; Martian Manhunter- broad-shouldered, tall, slender, muscular, green skin, red eyes, bald, handsome, stoic, snarky, cunning

created in: 2003

species: Green lantern and Batman-humans; Superman-Kryptonian; Martian manhunter-Martian; Hawkgirl-Thanagarian; Wonder woman-Amazon

nationality: Americans

religion: Christians

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative characters

come from: Justice league


  • Green lantern share his actor with Hector.