The Wolfman is a secondary character. He is voiced by David Matranga.

The Wolfman

about Edit

Characteristics: slender, black eyes, black hair, handsome, calm, collected, kind, polite, supportive, caring, cool-minded

Real age: 5 real years

Species: werewolf

Nationality: Japanese

Religion: Shinto

Profession: works in a bread shop

Comes from: Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki/Wolf children

Race: traditionally-animated

Subrace: positive character

relations: Hana (wife); Yuki and Ame (children)

nicknames: His wife always refers to him as "Wolfie".


  • Hana: He strongly loves his wife. He always shows her support when she needs it and always tells her what she needs to hear.
  • his children: He is shown to be a very loving and supportive father to both of his children.


  • His original actor is Takao Osawa.
  • Unlike most werewolves, he is capable of transforming into a whole wolf and not just into a wolf-human hybrid. His children have the same ability.
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