The antagonistic picture show is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

The episode centers around life in Antagonistan, and it features several storylines, each focusing on different characters. The storylines mainly involve Toffee observing his employees' accomplishments or simply giving them advice.

Storyline 1: Helping Blue diamond forget about her feelings for the Iron giant.

Storyline 2: Black hat has a day-off and he spends it with Toffee, accompanying him in the observations, while discussing each other's motivations.

Storyline 3: Shaula is in charge of the pupils, during Black hat's day-off. Unfortunately for her, the children miss him.

Storyline 4: Varian feels threatened by Death the Kid, fearing he might lose Crona.

characters in the episode Edit

- Toffee

- Blue diamond

- Black hat

- Yellow diamond

- Dawn Bellwether

- Shaula Gorgon

- Varian

- Mariko Kurama

- Wrath

- "Lil' Gideon" Gleeful

- T.K.O.

- The Rowdyruff boys

- The Delightful children from Down the Lane

- Fink

- Princess

- Darla Dimple

- Antonio Perez

- Rudy

- Skinner (cameo)

- chef (cameo)

- Momakase (cameo)

- Snake (cameo)

- The Iron giant (mentioned)

- Death the Kid (flashback)

- Crona

songs Edit

- Take shelter

- Big girls cry

- Saturn barz

trivia Edit

  • The title of the episode is a parody of the film The Rocky Horror picture show.
  • Black hat mockingly called Blue diamond "la Llorona" (meaning "the cryer" or "the weeping woman" in Spanish), which is a reference to a legend in Latin American folklore. The figure la Llorona, according to the legend, was a beautiful woman, who died after committing suicide, but came back as a ghost, who is on a quest of finding her children (whom she herself drowned, and the reason why she committed suicide).
  • Another reference to the legend is the scene where Blue diamond cries by the river, while singing Big girls cry, as la Llorona, according to the superstition, can usually be found near rivers.
  • While discussing Skinner's accomplishments as a boss, Toffee suspects that the chef might not be doing a very good work. Skinner quickly defends himself, saying that he makes sure that his employees are doing their work. Toffee doubts that and both men look outside, through the window, seeing Snake dancing happily, while listening to Saturn barz by Gorillaz. Skinner yells at him, ordering him to stop, but the teenager cannot hear him, due to the loud music. This is a reference to a scene from the film But I'm a cheerleader.
  • It was revealed that even Black hat can be affected by Blue diamond's powers, although differently. Since Black hat is usually incapable of crying, instead of tears, a strange black liquid runs from his eye.
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