The cartoony civilization is the pilot episode of the show. The episode introduces the audience to the main plot and presents some of the characters.

plot Edit

The episode starts with a prologue about the Cartoon kingdom and the war between negative and positive characters. After that the plot moves to the characters of the story.

Citizens of Movietown are very excited to have a ruler, but there are still some toons who are sceptical about it. Meanwhile queen Tara is experiencing her new role as a queen. Also the rest of the rulers officially gave the order that each and every antagonist must be put in jail, with no exceptions.

characters in the episode Edit

- queen Tara

- Death the Kid

- Bunnymund

- Elsa

- in the background: the Horned king, Demona, Envy, Wildwing Flashblade, et cetera

- king Fergus

- queen Elinor

- the queen

songs Edit

- Towards the sun

- Rise up

- Let it go

- In my city

trivia Edit

  • The title of the episode is a parody of the movie The phoney civilization, although it is not a parody of the movie itself.
  • According to the episode, rulers in Pais de Animation get selected through voting.
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