The human thief is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

In Movietown various human toons are beginning to disappear and the police is investigating the case. While investigating, all the missing humans reappear in the forms of "werebeasts" (human-animal hybrids). These creatures are the result of professor Venomous' formula that fuses human and animal DNA.

characters in the show Edit

- Riza Hawkeye

- L Lawliet

- Marge Simpson

- Earl Devereaux

- Nick Wilde

- Judy Hopps

- BraveStarr

- Hange

- Lavi

- 30/30

- Professor Venomous

- Fink

- Dawn Bellwether

- Toffee (mentioned)

- Roy, Kamina, Jamie, Gimpy, Miranda, Cleopatra, Hikaru, Murdoc, Black Jack, Calhoun, Eren, Mikasa (in mutated forms)

- Diane Amara

songs Edit

- Human

- Bad reputation

- Montagues and Capulets

- Fear of the dark

quotes Edit

Professor Venomous: "Maybe you are right. Maybe I am a thief, because right now I am considering stealing your mouth, so you can stop spreading lies."


Diane Amara: "...ugly, like you in the moment."

Professor Venomous: "You think you are so funny, but you are just wasting oxygen."

trivia Edit

  • It's title is a parody of the film The peach thief.
  • Each animal was selected for each human, so as to match their respective personalities and/or designs- bat for Gimpy, bull for Roy, cat for Cleopatra, rat for Jamie, crocodile for Murdoc, thorny devil for Black Jack, lion for Calhoun, Jesus Christ lizard for Eren, fox for Hikaru, aye-aye for Miranda, wolf for Kamina, owl for Mikasa, et cetera.
  • It is among the scariest episodes.
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