The little siren is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

Aria Blaze wants to prove how skilled she is and decides to cause some chaos in Movietown. Using her dark magic, she ruins the relationships of a few couples (Abe and Cleopatra; Kamina and Yoko). Before she casts the spell, these mentioned couples were already in a "relationship crisis"-fighting and arguing, and menacing the future of their relationships. The spell made Yoko and Cleopatra turn against their boyfriends and ending their relationships.

characters in the episode Edit

- Aria Blaze

- Abe

- Cleopatra

- Kamina

- Yoko

- Adagio and Sonata

- Roy and Bunnymund

songs Edit

- Clint Eastwood

- Applause

- Good girl

- Ain't no mountain high enough

- I'm outta love

- The other side

- True love

trivia Edit

- The title is a parody of The little mermaid.

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