The little werewolves are secondary characters. They are voiced by Sadie Sandler.


About the characters Edit

Characteristics: Winnie- here; the boys- black shirts, yellow or blue eyes, brown hairs, brown furs, handsome, energetic, playful, carefree

Animated age: more than 7 animated years old

Real age: 6 real years

Family: Wayne (father), Wanda (mother)

Fun facts:

  • Their names mean: Winnie-"happiness" and "gentle friend", Wally-"foreign", Wilbur-"wall fortification", Wilson- "son of William", Wade- "river crossing", Waylon- "near the road".
  • Despite that most of their roles are minor, they are major characters in the episode Werewolf children.

Known names: Winnie, Wally, Wilbur, Wilson, Wade, Waylon


  • their parents: With the exception of Winnie, the werewolf children almost never obey their parents or anyone else, although they always respond when they are being called. They enjoy playing around their father and using him as a playground. Despite their destructive and disrespectful behavior, they do love their parents.
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