The septarian's apprentice is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

Toffee has always showed interest in Death the Kid and now is his first chance to stimulate the boy to join him. After Kid is kidnapped by the antagonists, he is immediately transfered to Toffee's care, where the septarian has the chance to talk to him face to face. Meanwhile Crona is trying to get Kid's attention.

characters in the episode Edit

- Toffee

- Kid

- the Horned king

- Crona

- Envy

- Bloth

- Bunnymund, Roy and XR

- villians in the background: Jasper, Daybreaker, Nightmare moon, Wuya, Black hat, Medusa, Dave, Lucy, Ash, Angela, Longhorn, Tai Lung, Kai, Shen, Azula;

songs Edit

- Skyfall

- Warriors

- Danger zone

- Forever and for always

quotes Edit

- (Kid is being insulted and physically beaten by Envy and Bloth):

  • Bloth- "Look at you! A royal servant turned into dirt."
  • Envy: "Correction: lower than dirt."

- (Toffee tries to talk to Kid after saving him from Bloth and Envy):

  • Toffee: "You are not really hurt, are you?"
  • Kid: (remains silent, while staring at Toffee with a menacing glare)

- (Toffee is having a conversation with the king about Kid):

  • the Horned king: "Why are you so interested in this boy?"
  • Toffee: "I see something in him. I think that this "something" might be useful."

trivia Edit

- The title is a parody of the film The sorcerer's apprentice.

- The scene where Toffee saves Kid from the beating of other antagonists and then has a conversation with him is very similar to a scene from the movie Troy.

- The scene where Toffee says "Well, how about that?", while looking directly at the audience is a reference to a scene from the movie The Rocky Horror picture show.

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