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Timber Spruce is a secondary character. He is voiced by Brain Doe.

Timber Spruce.png


Characteristics: tall, slender, green eyes, green hair, handsome, kind, sociable, selfish, intelligent, rational, pragmatic, loyal, witty

Real age: 1 real year

Profession: Employee in a touristic agency

Relations: Gloriosa Daisy (sister); Sci-Twi (girlfriend)

Comes from: Legend of Everfree

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Positive character


  • He is the younger sibling.


  • his sister: The two often disagree and argue, but they love each other.
  • Sci-Twi: For him she is among the few people he can reveal his true self to. He respects her and like to show off infront of her.