Tohru Honda is a secondary character. She is voiced by Laura Bailey.

Tohru Honda

about Edit

characteristics: slender, flat-chested,blue eyes, brown hair, cute, beautiful, kind, friendly, optimistic, naive, sensitive, easily-offended, cowardly, selfless, loyal, clumsy, intelligent

animated age: 16 toon years

created in: 2001

species: human

comes from: Fruits basket

nationality: Japanese

religion: Shinto

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

profession: waitress

relations: Kyo (boyfriend)

influence on other toons: She is a complete opposite of her boyfriend and that is why she has a different influence than him. Unlike Kyo, Tohru is actually pretty popular among other toons, she has good interactions with her colleagues and everyone likes her. A lot of cartoon characters wonder, why is she still with Kyo.


  • Kyo: She has an interesting, but good relationship with Kyo. She is the only person, whom he trusts and she really cares about him. Tohru loves being around him and would never leave him.


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