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Trina is a secondary antagonist. She is voiced by Christy Carlson Romano.


She is Obake's robot daughter, who becomes Varian's best friend, while also falling in love with him at the same time. She appears in the episodes Laboratory space and Jab they met.


characteristics: slender, brown hair, blue eyes, beautiful, sassy, sarcastic, rebellious, loyal, intelligent, does not believe in redemption, vengeful

created in: 2017

comes from: Big hero 6 (the series)

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative character

species: robot

nationality: American

religion: Christian

family: Obake (father)


  • Varian: The two became friends in the episode Laboratory space. In it, Varian tries to impress Crona and make her fall in love with him as a result, but he always fails to do so. Trina is the one helping him achieve this by giving him advice, but despite this, the young robot herself has a crush on the alchemist, and she feels that she must not help him impress Crona. Even if Varian does not return Trina's feelings, she still cares deeply about him, evidenced by the fact that she always defends him from the Gangreen gang.
  • Obake: Although she can be snarky at times, Trina deeply loves her father and is mostly obedient towards him.
  • the Gangreen gang: As they are the ones who harass Varian regularly, Trina strongly dislikes them and she is never afraid to defend her friend from them. Trina hates them to the point that she wants to see them suffer, as shown in Jab they met when she humiliated Snake in public, by revealing to everyone his real name and mocking his long nose (by calling him "swordfish" and "Pinocchio").
  • Snake: Since Trina has never liked the Gangreen gang, due to the way they treat Varian, she refused to trust that Snake wanted to change. Instead, she kept saying that he would never be more than a bully.
  • Crona: Despite that Crona is the one whom Varian has feelings for, Trina does not have a specific opinion about her. The two seem to be friends, since they always appear together, accompanying the alchemist as his best friends.


  • She shares her actress with Kim.
  • Just like her father, Trina is pretty skilled at technology.