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Varian is a major character, formerly an antagonist. He is voiced by Jeremy Jordan.


A rookie scientist in Antagonistan, whose goal is to help his people win the war. He makes his debut in Varian takes Antagonistan, where he moves in the said town, after being treated poorly by positive characters. As of Laboratory space, as secondary storylines, Varian becomes a regular bullying target of the Gangreen gang, and develops a crush on Crona.

As of Another Cronarella story, Varian has been living in Movietown as a reformed antagonist.


Characteristics: short, slender, dark skin, blue eyes, black hair with blue stripe, freckles, cute, handsome, intelligent, clumsy, comedic, sarcastic, selfless, desires respect and approval, kind, sweet, generous

animated age: 14 toon years old

created in: 2017

comes from: Tangled/Rapunzel's tangled adventure

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character (formerly negative)

species: human

occupation: alchemist

nationality: American

religion: Christian

family: Ruddiger (pet); Quirin (father)

nicknames: Trina sometimes calls him "Var" for short.


  • Crona: They met shortly after Varian got a job as a scientist in Antagonistan. At first their relationship was entirely platonic, until the events in the episode Laboratory space, wherein Crona comforts Varian, after his confrontation with the Gangreen gang. Since then, the young alchemist has been in love with her. In Another Cronarella story, Varian begs Crona to stay with him, but when she refuses, he takes his anger out on both her and Kid. However, they eventually reconcile and the young scientist decides to live in Movietown instead.
  • the Lobe, Professor Venomous, Obake and dr.Doofenshmirtz: They act as Varian's mentors in the laboratory. Most of the time they both treat the young man with patience and respect, and often offer him advice when he feels upset. In Jab they met, professor Venomous was one of the many characters, doubting Varian's decision to give Snake a chance.
  • the Horned king: At first, the Horned king did not believe that Varian was capable of being useful to him, but he decided to give him a chance to prove himself. After the boy showed what he is capable of, the king agreed to let Varian serve him, but only if the latter remains loyal.
  • Toffee: Toffee was the first one who gave Varian a chance and because of this, the short alchemist respects him. Varian sees him as someone he wants to impress and is very loyal and obedient to him. He often comes to the majordomo for advice, namely in cases when he was bullied by the Gangreen gang.
  • Trina: The two became close friends in the episode Laboratory space. Varian sometimes seeks Trina's advice for making Crona fall in love with him, and although he usually fails, he still trusts Trina and appreciates her help, without knowing that the robot has a crush on him. Trina cares about Varian, evident by the fact that she always defends him from the Gangreen gang. In Another Cronarella story, after Varian chooses to live in Movietown, Trina feels betrayed and it is unknown if she still has feelings for him.
  • Death the Kid: Being the one who receives Crona's affection, Varian sees Kid as rival. This plays a major role in Another Cronarella story, wherein Varian is trying to convince Crona to stay with him, however she chooses Kid. At first, the alchemist is angry at both of them, but he forgives them, when they offer him to come with them, to which he accepts.
  • Jack Spicer: The two boys became colleagues and partners ever since Varian arrived in Antagonistan. At first Jack did not approve working with Varian, but in time he became more tolerant of this partnership.
  • the Gangreen gang: In the episode Laboratory space, he becomes the Gangreen gang's favorite victim for bullying. They mock or insult him, usually calling him a "nerd", or steal his belongings. Sometimes, the harassment becomes physical. Varian hates the way they treat him, but he does not allow this to distract him from hard work, in order to achieve his goals.
  • Snake: In the episode Jab they met, Varian witnesses Snake being humiliated in public, but instead of using the opportunity to mock him, he follows him, in order to make sure that the green-skinned man is okay. He finds Snake beside a tree and feeling sympathy for him, he starts a conversation, in which he finds out that deep down, the guy who bullies him regularly is actually very insecure. From this moment on, Varian starts to see Snake in a different light, to the point that the two teenagers eventually became best friends.
  • Black Hat: Being a highly feared figure in Antagonistan, as well as someone who is close to Toffee, Black Hat gets a lot of respect from Varian, even though it is not mutual. Like many others, Black Hat doubts Varian and gives him advice only when Toffee requires it.
  • Katie Killjoy: He interacted with her for a short time only in Laboratory space, while giving an interview about one of his latest projects. Although Varian tried to be polite, Katie herself had very little interest in listening to him, not even bothering to remember his name (calling him "Varitas" instead).


  • He is similar to Hiro Hamada.
  • Due to being an alchemist, he disbelieves in any real supernatural activities.
  • He has a habit of naming his inventions after toons he admires.