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Wanda MacPherson is a major character. She is voiced by Julia Sweeney.



characteristics: slender, black hair, black eyes, beautiful, snarky, kind, helpful, understanding, loving

real age: 17 real years

profession: works in a cosmetic firm

species: human

relations: Darryl (husband); Zoe (daughter); Pickles (best friend)

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

nationality: American

religion: Christian

comes from: Baby Blues


  • Darryl: She seems to have a stable relationship with her husband. The two usually talk with each other in a calm and collected manner, but often snark each other.
  • Zoe: As a mother she wants the best for her daughter.
  • Pickles: The two happen to be best friends, since their husbands are friends as well.