We are two families is en episode of the show.

plot Edit

A new family has recently moved in Movietown and Manolo and Maria went to welcome them. Although Hector and Manolo quickly became friends, the same still cannot be said about their wives Imelda and Maria. Meanwhile Miguel is making new friends.

characters in the episode Edit

- Manolo

- Maria

- Hector

- Imelda

- Miguel

- Elena

- Mama Coco

- Dante

- Pepita

- Chuy

- Nana

- Aiko, Penny, Hazuki, Vanellope, Doremi, Scootaloo (mentioned)

trivia Edit

- The title is a parody of the 2010 film We are family.

- This is the episode in which the Rivera family make their debut in the show.

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