Who banished Hunter is an episode of the show.

main plot Edit

Minor spoilers!

Ms. Grunion appears planning to replace Hunter as a majordomo of Movietown. She succeeds after humiliating him and proving him that she could be much better majordomo, although after Hunter is gone she shows that she is actually much worse than him. The citizens of Movietown cannot stand her anymore and decide to bring Hunter back.

characters Edit

- Hunter

- ms. Grunion

- Fear

- Death the Kid

- queen Tara

- Elsa

- various citizens among who are: Cleopatra Smith, Bunnymund, Nick Wilde, Hikaru Hitachiin and Kaoru Hitachiin, Remy, Tulip, Jude Lizowski, Bob Belcher and Linda Belcher, Anger, Rarity, the pupils of MovietownEducation, Gimpy, Takashi, et cetera

songs Edit

- Zillionaire

- Hit the road Jack (cover)

- Who invited you

quotes Edit

- (Fear to Hunter)

  • Fear: "I brought you coffee, right?"
  • Hunter: "Espresso!"

- (Hunter to ms.Grunion after getting back to his position)

  • Hunter: "If I were you, I would go and look for a new bourse, because I would never give you mine."

- (Gimpy talking about ms. Gruinion)

  • Gimpy: Now I know why she is "ms. Gruinion" and not "mrs. Grunion".

trivia Edit

  • The title is a parody of the film Who framed Roger Rabbit, where the characters Roger and Jessica Rabbit, the Toon patrol and Benny the cab originate from.
  • The scene between Hunter and Fear exchanging the lines "I brought you coffee, right?" and "Espresso!" is a reference to a scene from the film The phoney civilization.
  • The scene where Freakazoid and Abe dance the "Dance of joy" is a reference to the sitcom Perfect strangers.
  • The scene where Kid enters the bar and sees Gimpy asleep on the table in a despressed manner, followed by asking Takashi what happened and then getting a response that he got the sack, is a reference to a scene from Who framed Roger Rabbit.
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