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With immigrants at the festival is an episode of the show.


The Cultural festival is currently being held in Movietown, but Hunter has some insecurities regarding it-he does not understand the purpose behind the festival. Fortunately for him, the queen is there to explain it to him.

Meanwhile, negative characters are sneaking around, while unintentionally being fascinated by the festival's activities.

characters in the episode[]

- Hunter


- queen Tara

- Elsa

- Death the Kid

- Toffee

- Black hat

- Rose Thomas

- Gimpy Taylor

- Rose Thomas's baby

- Princess Merida

- Angus

- Kentauros

- Jessie

- Manolo

- Hector

- Mermaid melody


- All around the world

- Mei Vater is an Appenzeller

- Baila me

- Roku chounen to ichiya monogatari


  • The title is a parody of the film With children at the seaside.