Yakumo Tsukamoto is a secondary character. She is voiced by Caitlin Glass.

Yakumo Tsukamoto

about Edit

Characteristics: slender, red eyes, black hair, curvy, beautiful, kind, intelligent, calm, collected, shy, introverted

Cartoon age: 15 toon years

Real age: 13 real years

Species: human

Nationality: Japanese

Religion: Shinto

Profession: works in the water park

Comes from: School rumble

Race: traditionally-animated

Subrace: positive character

relations: Tenma (sister); Iori (pet)


  • She shares her original actress Mamiko Noto with Yuka.
  • She shares her English actress with Haruhi and Winry.
  • She claims that she can hear the thoughts of other toons.
  • She is an Aries.


  • Tenma: Despite their different personalities, Yakumo has a stable relationship with her sister. She shows tolerance and respect towards her and does not get mad at her.
  • Iori: She really loves her pet.
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