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Yamato and Kosaburou, also known as Cassidy and Butch, are minor antagonists. Kosaburou is voiced by Eric Stuart and Yamato is voiced by Andi Whaley.

Yamato and Kosaburo.png


Characteristics: Yamato- tall, slender, curvy, long ginger hair, purple eyes, beautiful, evil, arrogant, rude, snobby, competitive; Kosaburou- tall, slender, green hair, brown eyes, handsome, evil, easily-offended, short-tempered, arrogant, competitive

created in: 1998

Species: humans

Nationality: Japanese

Religion: Shinto

Comes from: Pokémon

Race: traditionally-animated

Subrace: negative characters

relations: their respective pokemon (pets)

occupation: poachers/thieves


  • with each other: Most of the time, they treat each other with a lot of respect and trust. They enjoy working together as a team, although, from time to time, they annoy each other with specific things-Yamato annoys Kosaburo with mispronouncing his name and he annoys her with his temper and bragging. However, despite all the teasing, they genuinely care about each other. As demonstrated in Easy prey, a, Kosaburou was furious after Yamato was defeated and wanted revenge for her.
  • their respective pets: They usually treat them as their battle assistants.
  • Toon patrol: After the Toon patrol ruined Yamato and Kosaburou's plan, and caused severe damages to Yamato's body, Kosaburou feels a burning hatred for the weasels and swears revenge.


  • Kosaburous's original actor is Takehito Koyasu and Yamato's original actress is Masako Katsuki.
  • Kosaburo shares his original actor with Bobobo-bo.
  • They are the main antagonists of the episodes Butch, Cassidy and the kid and Easy prey, a.
  • Yamato shares her English actress with Minto Aizawa.
  • Yamato has a habit of often forgetting the names of other cartoon characters. Sometimes that includes the name of her own partner as well.