Yuka is a secondary character. She is voiced by Nancy Novotny. 



Characteristics: slender, curvy, brown hair, brown eyes, cute, beautiful, kind, friendly, easily-annoyed, easily-offended, compassionate

Real age: 14 real years

Species: human

Profession: waitress

Relations: Kouta (cousin)

Nationality: Japanese


Comes from: Elfen Lied

Race: Traidtionally-animated

Subrace: Positive character


  • She shares her original actress Mamoko Noto with Yakumo.

  • The reason for her to be portrayed as being in love with her cousin in Elfen lied, is because marriage between cousins is legal in Japan.


  • Kouta: She is very close to Kouta and strongly cares about him. Despite that in her original appearance in Elfen lied she is portrayed as being in love with him, in this show she does not show such type of interest towards him.

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